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This website will include improved information about the existing BCP communities of  interest and practice, who will participate in the design of national BCP projects. A forum will be installed for the community of interest.


The Global SoS Network will also steward the process that will establish the goal of eliminating most vehicle crashes. Research has helped identify the isomorphism between legislative SoS and transportation SoS.


Tragically, it has become a statistical normalcy for vehicle crashes to cause around 1.3 million yearly world-wide deaths.


The System-of-Systems approach has helped facilitate the methodology for establishing assignable causes for crashes, thereby initiating a continuous improvement process that makes it possible to set a goal of eliminating most (99.97% or 6 Sigma, assuming normal data distribution) of land-wheeled-vehicle crashes.


For further information on the ground-transportation safety area, please contact the Global SoS Network for a copy of the unpublished Quality Driving document.



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