The Global SoS Network

Streamlining Collective Intelligence Towards Sustainable Development [Beta version]  

Organizational Structure



Globalsosnet is registered as a service foundation in Venezuela, South America. Its endowment consists of intellectual property of Best Democratic Practice. The foundation  offers its services through agreements of sociotechnical technology transfers .


Globalsosnet follows the formal structure of Global Action Networks or GANs:



DEFINITION OF NETWORK Source: Waddell, Steven. (2011). Global Action Networks: Creating our future together. Bocconi University on Management. Hampshire, UK: Palgrave-Macmillan. p. 25



  Organization Partnership Network

Number of Legally Distinct Entities

One Small to Modest Very Large
Organizing Structure Hierarchical Spoke & Wheel Multi-Hub
Organizing Logic



Coordination Coherence
Operating Focus Organization Task System
Participation Closed Highly Controlled Loosely Controlled

The Global System-of-Systems Network is working towards becoming one of the existing Global Action Networks (now iScale) that endeavour for sustainable societies. iScale is a network of NGOs that deal with major problems like conflict, poverty and industrial underdevelopment, in innovative ways.

The Global SoS Network also works towards streamlining the collective intelligence of land-wheeled-vehicles with the aim of eliminating most crashes.



The act of becoming aware of the information that this website contains is, on itself, an event that eliminates a technologIcal constraint for the reader. This event is a systems-changing event, openig the road for exploration of possibilities with legislators, thus making the reader a member of the network of humans that are aware of the technological requirements -the method that is required- for Global Sustainable Development and for Sustainability.

Having become technologically aware means that the reader has been empowered, in his or her role as a constituent, to carry out the tasks required for streamlining the collective intelligence, and by interacting with other constituents in exalting the benefits of teledemocatic techniques.