The Global SoS Network

Streamlining Collective Intelligence Towards Sustainable Development [Beta version]  




Focusing their own volition on significant 2030 Agenda targets, empowered workers, professionals, business owners, etc., in their roles as constituents, improve their own circumstances by sustaining systematic correspondence with their legislators.

Effecting no underdeveloped countries, no stagnated economies, no civic unrest nor emergent or open conflicts anywhere, the authority constituents wield helps workers obtain fulfillment in the form of increased self-worth and dignity on the job. Self-organized constituents exercise unity of purpose in a status quo where their work teams beget the emergence of spontaneous order to the human condition -whilst their trust  in family, neighbourhood, and peer relationships grows, traverses, and extends itself towards stress-free communal plateaus.

Henceforth, unity of purpose also emerges as trust between empowered constituents and their legislators coexists and grows along with trust between labour and the goals of management. As this new approachment takes hold, more worker responsibility and commitment requires less middle management resulting in more horizontal organizations. Thus a golden era for job meaningfulness for workers enhances the quality of life, which combines into steady and sustainable increases of quality and productivity. The streamlining of the collective intelligence of citizens increases worker income and closes the wealth gap that had caused so much concern.



Ensuing from the use of industrial and systems engineering techniques for conducting operations research, The Global SoS Network stewards constituents, legislators and relevant institutions in regards to Best Democratic Practice for minimizing the cost of eradicating Global Poverty, while maximizing the global effect of the usual yearly minimal gains in agricultural and labour productivity. The network endeavours for a world where social cooperation for the sustainable increase of quality and productivity on the job will be the main challenges for a human condition without other significant social stressors.