The Global SoS Network

Streamlining Collective Intelligence Towards Sustainable Development [Beta version]  



Focusing their own volition on significant 2030 Agenda targets, empowered workers, in their roles as constituents, improve their own circumstances by sustaining systematic correspondence with their legislators, some of the benefits being the release of social stress and anxiety. Thus, constituents around the globe exploit their technological constraint as an updated social order calls for the systematic replenishment of teledemocratic mailstreams at the national, regional and local levels. At the same time, adequate postal services in every country enable the generation of municipal tax and utility income streams, as used to occur only in developed nations. Those income streams -which amount to the streamlining of the collective economic effort in emergent nations a) help the local financing of basic public services and infrastructure, b) allow the financing of the construction of sufficient affordable housing, eliminating the imperious need for the erection of shantytowns, and c) help liberate resources for high-grade health and educational services for all.

Effecting no underdeveloped countries, no stagnated economies, no civic unrest nor open conflicts anywhere, the authority constituents wield helps workers obtain fulfillment in the form of increased self-worth and dignity on the job. Empowered constituents perceive a new status quo in the human condition whilst their trust  in family, neighbourhood, and peer relationships grows, traverses, and extends itself towards communal plateaus. Henceforth, unity of purpose emerges as trust between empowered constituents and their legislators coexists and grows along with trust between labour and the goals of management. As this new approachment takes hold, more worker responsibility requires less middle management resulting in more horizontal organizations and increased wages for workers. Thus a golden era for job meaningfulness and wealth for workers enhances the quality of life, which combines into steady and sustainable increases of quality and productivity. The streamlining of the collective intelligence of workers increases worker income and creates the capacity to close the wealth gap that has and will have caused so much concern. 



The Global SoS Network stewards institutions and businesses in regards to teledemocratic mailstreams as best democratic practice for improved governance in all countries, and for all residents and stakeholders. Because SoS technology mandates complete postal delivery infrastructures, the network fosters the rollout of Postal Delivery Points in all municipalities of the emerging world. These are made up of three 19th-Century Western innovations, which intersect synergistically at each home in the form of holistic but practical home-address number systems, complete sets of family letter/mail box systems, and comprehensive and fully posted street nomenclature systems.

As the intrinsic value of teledemocratic mailstreams becomes manifest, the network promotes the coaching of workers towards focus: Constituencies around the globe evolve their complex-adaptive capacities and instill local bonding and sharing of values for effective streamlining of the collective intelligence focused on relevant 2030 Agenda targets. Thus it is self-organized workers who, as cohesive social groups, shall serve as purposeful stakeholders of those communal plateaus that will match local, national, and global growth expectations with the needs of the planetary ecosphere.